• Connect our Inuit Culture and IQ Principles into every aspect of our strategic plan
  • Built strong relevant Inuit content
  • Engage elders and cultural leaders who can connect us with our Inuit Culture and Heritage.
  • Host Annual Fishing Derby, Arctic Sports, Square Dance Showdowns and any other Traditional Activities

Technology & Communication

  • Use the internet to create a website, online radio, and promotion
  • Pre-loading program(s), songs, advertisements and sponsor acknowledgements
  • Remoting broadcasting
  • Proper recording equipment
  • Quality recording capabilities to play programs again in the future
  • Talk shows with people who live in different regions in Nunavut and the world
  • Nunavut wide radio station

Music & Programming

  • Top 100
  • Artists interviews discussing new songs
  • Structured weekly programming
  • Be the leader promoting newer popular songs
  • Upload Canadian music sent to us
  • Research local news, feel-good stories and local weather
  • Launch annual end of summer music festival called the Mosquito Music Festival!
  • Host Annual New Year’s Event and weddings when asked to do so.
  • Find funding and creative ways to fundraise
  • Apply for and win the Arctic Inspiration Prize
  • Build volunteer base programming for all age groups
  • Speakers corner
  • Upload content via POD Casting

Training & Education

  • Radio operations
  • National Radio Conferences
  • Board Development & Capacity Building
  • Build a strong youth radio component
  • Smart Serve


  • Connecting with other communities, Inuit Organizations and Governments
  • Need a better understanding of our community
  • Support programming and community events that fit within our vision.
  • Build relationships with other Radio stations
  • Build strong partnership with Channel 51
  • Build relationships with local papers
  • Build volunteer recognition event
  • Be transparent in our decisions, finances etc.
  • Employee relations and written guidelines
  • Build and launch VIP Program for Businesses & Members
  • Support our local user groups to find funding
  • Obtain our own facility