The vision for the Ovayok Broadcasting Society was birthed in late 2013 when an individual saw a need—a need to reconnect our community through the power of community radio broadcasting.  
For the next 2.25 years a near-impossible journey took place; after many twists, turns, and mountains to climb, in January 2016 the Ovayok Broadcasting Society was born.  
The 1st Board consisted of: 
  • Shawn Holmes - President
  • Wayne Gregory - Vice-President
  • Abe Eyegetok - Secretary / Treasurer
  • John Main - Member at Large
  • Sandy Ng - Member at Large
  • Keith Lear Sr. - Member at Large   
  • Nora Evaglok - Member at Large 

  • Ex Oficio - Fred Muise, Executive Director
Today, we pride ourselves on being more than just a radio station.  Our number one priority will always be to serve, give back and promote the Cambridge Bay community. We strive to nurture the revitalization and conservation of the Inuit heritage in our community through programming, special events and support to other community recreational groups.